Thursday, April 22, 2010

Food Navigator

Lets start and explore different food in and around India with its location details in the blog.For an instance, you might visited Karol Bagh in Delhi and liked roshan di kulfi, however people not from Delhi or those not visited that place can go and explore the food their. it will be grate if you can add the google map with the location detail in it. let go and start food hunting :)

To start the food navigation i am adding Roshan di kulfi place with exact location mapped in Google map:-

Hi, I'd like to share a Google Maps link for tracing shop of Roshan di kulfi with you.just click on teh Roshan di kulfi link to open the link.

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  1. Well recently , i have visited Rajouri garden and thought to explore a new place to eat with good north indian punjabi my way back to home i came across a dhaba named as "Kaka Da Dhaba" so i thought to give my taste buds a new food to try.i tried the food there and found it as not so good not so bad type. well it was not worth a try. might be you like it more....the link is given below to navigate to that place:-

    Kaka Da Dhaba


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