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Friday, August 13, 2010


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Article from Times of India


EATING ON RETRO ROAD! It’s the music that makes a fine first impression — reminding us of our school days... Billy Idol shouts Mony, Mony and Eddy Grant apprises us about Electric Avenue. The cool wooden setting, bright doors, lamposts, graffiti and posters also catch our fancy. We sit down and look around at the entire stretch, and feel like we’re actually dining at the London road (Abbey!) it’s been named after. And for those who are wondering about its connection with The Beatles, well, that’s restricted to their photos on the walls and of course, in the music. While the music sets the funky town
kind of mood, it’s the food that enhances the whole experience, at least most of it. Teaming our appleberry shakes (banana
+ apple + blueberry) with the smoked chicken-apple salad made of candied walnuts, gorgonzola, sliced apple and strawberry vinaigrette is a good sweet and sour decision, to begin with. And so is our choice of pizzas with two different toppings. One is a wonderful chicken, tomato, brie and red onion combo and the other is big on spinach — both are thin-crusted and melt-in-the-mouth. Sadly, the philly chicken cheese steak is a dampener, as its curried filling soils the baguette, but the lemon gateaux cake makes up for it. And we’re not complaining! The Beach Boys keep crooning their Cocktail hit, Kokomo and we head out, humming this number, only to be back for music and fun food.
Where: Abbey Road, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon; Price: Under Rs 1,000 for two; Timings: 11 am–1 am

Don’t go here with just John, Paul, George and Ringo in your head. Watch out for their amazing repertoire of retro hits!

DESI GLEE Hyderabad and Lucknow may be too well known for their aromatic cuisines, but not everybody can travel that far to eat a dish from the degh, right? So how about savouring the flavours in Delhi? Forget the wafts emanating from the deghs of biryani at Charminar in Hyderabad, try the haleem here! Squeeze some lemon and garnish the stew with spices that are made by pounding wheat and mutton into a thick paste. Vegetarians needn’t be disappointed; they can try the kurkuri bhindi or bagare baingan with garlic naans and nawabi kulcha. That’s not all. With a VFM happy hours price where you can mix all this desi fare with drinks, don’t you think this Villa is worth a visit?
Where: Purana Villa, Jor Bagh; Price: Under Rs 1,200 for two; Rs 695 per person (unlimited drinks); Timings: Noon–midnight 

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