Friday, November 4, 2011

Spicy food navigator:spicy Moth kachori stall

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Today in our Spicy food navigator, we will explore spicy Moth kachori , a kind of spicy and crispy indian snack. Kachori is a very popular Rajasthani/ Gujarati spicy snack and  popular in various parts of India with various name. Today we will explore a spicy food served at road side. If you go to Tagore Garden, Najafgarh Road,Delhi – 110 018, just opposite to West Delhi famous pacific Mall. You will find the Metro track, just opposite to metro pillar 460 you will find this Moth kachori wala that server one of the best yummy lip smacking spicy kachori served hot with moth Dal(Moth Bean – Moth, matki, mataki), Rice and chopped onion.

The cost is so cheap(10 rs a plate full of tasty kachori) with quality of food in our desi language "Rastey ka Maal sastey main".I have tried a lot of road side wala for Spicy moth kachori but this one is the best i came across so sharing it with my reader:)

The timing for this road side food thela is 5 pm to 11 pm till material last.there is no off.

Keep the good food Hunting continue ...

I am adding the food joint navigator link so that our Blogers can go and tryout food there. your comments are highly apricaited.

Food navigator:-
I am adding Spicy Moth kachori road side stall  with exact location mapped in Google map:-

Hi, I'd like to share a Google Maps link for tracing  with you.just click on the Spicy Moth kachori link to open the link.

Spicy Moth kachori

Happy food hunting bloggers!!!! :)

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  1. Though i'm not keen at peas, Mattar Kachori is delicious, fried puff pastry. I have tasted twice while being for business in India. In general i do not eat much of spicy food, since my stomach is usually against that, but Indian food is something that is worth having a try.


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