Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spicy food navigator : Cafe Sheetal Bangalore

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Today in our Spicy food navigator, we have explore another restaurant in Bangalore .the name of the Spicy food joint is Cafe Sheetal located near Majestic Bus Stop. One the best part of Cafe Sheetal is Quality as well as Quantity of Spicy food ... its really great and they experiment on regular basis and comes with some unique dishes - which is really refreshing
They introduced various unique dishes which is great surprise all the time as Veg people face challenge to get the same dishes again and again all the time. In addition this, the rates are very nominal and unlike other restaurant their quantity is very good ! So I recommend this to ALL good Veg Food lovers...the two stuff i liked the most are Grilled plain sandwiches with filter coffee and Spicy Chole bature. the size of batura was king size :)

Also location of this restaurant is excellent - is located near Majestic Bus Stop.They also have rooms available.Hotel Sheetal is basic budget hotel that is located near Majestic Bus Stop. Sheetal restaurant is on ground floor and Sheetal Hotel is on first floor  offers comfortable accommodation in its neat and clean rooms. All the rooms are well furnished and provided with basic in-room amenities.


I personally visited this restaurant multiple times and every time I enjoy the same way as I enjoyed first time

Keep the good expr on food continue ...

I am adding the food joint navigator link so that our Blogers can go and tryout food there. your comments are highly apricaited.

Food navigator:-
I am adding ‎‎Cafe Sheetal place with exact location mapped in Google map:-

Hi, I'd like to share a Google Maps link for tracing  with you.just click on the Cafe Sheetal link to open the link.

Cafe Sheetal

Happy food hunting bloggers!!!! :)

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